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Care Products

Care Products

Vast stores stock a wide range of Care Products that we call 'beauty enhancers' or may also be great for repairing and rejuvenating existing furniture. When it comes to product care, the most important tip we can give you is to always read the instructions on the box or bottle!


A word about safety: Care products are great for your furniture but some can be harmful or toxic if you don't use them properly. Make sure you carefully read and follow all the instructions and safety warnings on the packaging and keep them out of reach of children at all times.


Products for Timber Care


Furniture Wax: Helps timber resist marks from fingerprints and water. The wax nourishes and polishes the timber and prevents it from drying out. It can also help to hide minor scratches and marks. Its' neutral colour suits all timber finishes and colours.


Beeswax Paste: Suits absorbent timbers such as pine or oak. This traditional wax both nourishes the wood and finishes the surface. Apply carefully to avoid excessive build up.


Steel Wool: Very fine grade steel wool is especially designed for applying wax finishes easily onto timber surfaces. It's also good for removing excessive wax build up without damaging the timber.


Spray Wax: For fuss-free cleaning, Spray Wax is ideal for the removal of dust particles on waxed or varnished furniture. It nourishes and moisturises the timber and is easy to apply.


Finishing Oils: These oils enhance the timber's natural characteristics and add a layer of protection from heat and stains. The Superior Danish Oil offers maximum protection and guards against UV damage.

* Finishing oils change the colour of timber - if you wet a patch of the timber it'll give you an idea of the colour change.


Ring Remover: Helps to remove most difficult water stains, white heat marks and fine surface scratches. Suit most types of varnishes and hard surfaces.


Tack Cloths: These lift dust and other particles from all surfaces and are ideal for use on all timbers and similar surfaces.

Retouch Crayons: Best used for filling and covering exterior scratches on finished wooden surfaces; available in a pack with three colour tones.

Timber Treatment Oil: Designed to enhance and protect the natural beauty of timber outdoor furniture.


Recommended Brands:

  • Kair Furniture Company - Waxes & Sprays Range, Scratch Fix Pens, Coloured Waxes;
  • Multimaster Australia Pty Ltd;
  • Superior Care Products - Inca Waxes & Sprays Range, Scratch Fix Pens, Orange Oil & Promotional packs.


Products for Upholstery Care


Bi Cast Leather

There is a range of Bi Cast leather care products available in stores now.


Recommended Brands:

  • Multimaster Australia Pty Ltd;



Scotch Guard: It is recommended that you apply a Scotch Guard treatment to your new Fabric Dining Chairs & Sofas. This is available instore and can also be purchased through drycleaners and other such professionals.


Recommended Brands:

  • Eco-Shield (through Superior Care Products);
  • Multimaster Australia Pty Ltd;
  • Texicote.

* Products made from such fabrics as Linen, should only be professionally cleaned.



There is a range of leather care products to suit all of the different types of leather we sell in stores now.


Recommended Brands:

  • Eco-Shield (through Superior Care Products);
  • Multimaster Australia Pty Ltd;
  • Texicote.


Polyurethane (PU)/Vinyl

There is a range of Polyurethan (PU)/Vinyl care products available in stores now.


Recommended Brands:

  • Alternate Textiles (Arco Spray Bottle);
  • Multimaster Australia Pty Ltd.


Surface Care

There is a range of surface care products available in stores now.


Recommended Brands:

  • Slipstick;
  • Superior Care Products.